Map is not territory, as historian of religion J. Z. Smith reminded us several decades ago. But neither is there a territorial monopoly on maps in printed atlases and underutilized map rooms. If you like maps, especially vintage variety, of the Middle East, there is a curious collection at a most anachronistically named website:

As the name implies, this is not a site put out by Muslims. In fact it is a poorly disguised Christian missionary site trying to convert Muslims back into the earlier fold. There are a number of links to other missionary sites, including some in Arabic. You can download an Arabic version of the Bible in pdf or read it online; links are provided to translations of the Bible (or at least the New Testament) in Indonesian and Kurdish.

Indeed the resources page is a virtual trove of links and references for anyone interested in the phenomenon of Christian missionaries out to convert Muslims. It might come as a surprise just how many bring-the-Muhammadan-back-to-Jesus sites are out there, but that is the miracle (with a small m) of the web. How can a Muslim know Jesus is better than Muhammad? Consider all those Philippine Muslims dreaming about Jesus? Not all sites are so dreamlike and speak of love. One of the linked ites listed hosts webpages of ex-Muslims. Khalid Abdul, for example, who penned a piece called “Hail to the Danes” (Did he mispell “Heil”?) with the offensive pictures displayed in full color. Heck, this is sure to scare Muhammadan souls back into the religion that created the Inquisition. If this doesn’t work, there’s always child abuse. Another site presents proof that Aisha was 9 years old when her marriage with Muhammad was consummated.

Some sites are more operated on a prayer than an all-geek-to-me understanding of web design. For example, if you click on, you get:

The Jesus Loves Muslims Dot Com Coalition

This site is dedicated to Christians who want to bring the message of Jesus Christ, the Word of Life, to Muslims in America.

We are currently working on upgrading our web site.

Please check back again soon.

For information about a biblical response to Islam in America, please visit

Jesus loves you, but the technical details still need to be worked out in virtual reality. Yes, Virginia, there is a But if you click on this, you will be surprised.

Daniel Martin Varisco