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8.30 – 9.30 am: Registration (Knox Lobby) and Light Breakfast (Knox 207 and 208)

9.30 – 10.30 am: Welcome Remarks (Matan Cohen) and Plenary Address (Sudipta Kaviraj) – Knox 208

SESSION 1: 10.45 am – 12.45 pm

Scanning the Shelves of the African Islamic Library – Knox 207

Wendell Marsh
Reading Sudanic Africa in the Margins: the Perils of Commentary

Kimberly Wortmann
Intellectual Cartographies in the Medieval Western Sahel (c. 1464-1627)

Ariela Marcus-Sells
Spells and Prayers: Discussing Muslim Practice in Saharan Society

Lori De Lucia
On the Edges of Mediterranean History: Finding Evidence for Sub-Saharan African Narratives in the 16th Century Kingdom of Naples

Discussant: Mamadou Diouf
Moderator: Tommaso Manfredini

Narrating Progress – Knox 208

Bader al-Saif
Surveying Thaqafat al-Takhalluf in Modern & Contemporary Arabic Literature: an Intellectual Historiography

Taylor Moore
“Superstitious Women”: Cultivating the Upper Egyptian Fellaha in SemiColonial Egypt

Andrew Stedman Alger
Religious Education and Revolution in Hashemite Iraq

Yasmine Djerbal
Gender, Nation and Postcolonial Contexts: An Algerian Experience

Discussant: Sudipta Kaviraj
Moderator: Sohini Pillai

1 – 1.45 pm: Lunch – Knox 207 & 208

SESSION 2: 2 -4 PM

Islam, Modernity and Political Form: The Impossible State – Knox 207

Hasan Azad
“The Islamic State is Not a Dream”: Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Thinking Through the Modern State

Kamal Soleimani
Islamist Arab Nationalism: The Arab-Centrism of Islamic Political Thought between the late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

Yuenmei Wong
Shari’a-Queers: Islamic Law and the Construction of New Muslims’ Sexual Identities in Malaysia

Discussant: Wael Hallaq
Moderator: Neda Bolourchi

Locating Culture – Knox 208

Mina Khanlarzadeh
Lalehzari Music: Unsung artists of Iranian song

Salha Reema Fadda
The Political Economy of Cultural Intervention in Palestine

Katie Logan
Google It: Virtual Maps and the Anxieties of Forgetting in Modern Arabic Literature

Discussant: Muhsin al-Musawi
Moderator: Sarah Hawas

Racialized Cartographies – Knox 403

Vishal Kamath
Hybridity and Spatial Imagination in the Persian Gulf: Locating the Banu Ka’b Arabs from 1707 to 1775

Pascal Missak Abidor
Genealogy of a Geography: Jabal Amiil between ‘Asabiya and Wataniya

Owain Lawson
“History is Merely a Bird of Passage”: Environmental Determinism, Racialization, and Nationalism in Mandate Lebanon

Andrea Daniel Rosengarten
Other “Coloureds”: Categorization and Identity of Colonial Namibia’s Mixed-Race Communities,

Moderator: Andrew Ollett

SESSION 3: 4.15 – 6.15 PM

Education, Knowledge, and Modernity – Knox 207

Salmaan Mirza
Preaching Business Education

Kenan Tekin
Knowledge and Social Imaginary in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire: Sacaklizade and Yahya Nevi’s Organization of Disciplines

Shaadi Khoury
Al-Hilal’s Survey of 1919-1920 and the Nahda’s Contentious Language Debate

Discussant: Linda Sayed
Moderator: Casey Primel

Humor and Re-Appropriation in Palestinian and Hebrew Literatures – Knox 208

Danielle Drori
What’s Funny about Mistranslation?: The First Translation of Don-Quixote into Hebrew

Liron Mor
What’s Funny about Occupation?: Re-appropriations in Imil Habibi’s Pessopsimist

Discussant: Dan Miron
Moderator: Roni Henig

Islamic Reform in Modern Thought and Politics – Knox 403

Jacob Olidort
The Mosque as Message: Albani and the Politicization of Piety in 1950’s Damascus

Ayse Betul Tekin
Muhammad Abduh’s Approach to Religion: Between Tradition and Modernity

Zahra Sabri
Citizen Khan and the Face of Non-‘fundamentalist’ Islam in Pakistan today

Hossein Kamaly
Angela Giordani

7 pm: Dinner – Location TBA


8.30 – 9.30 am: Registration (Knox Lobby) & Light Breakfast (Knox 207 & 208)

SESSION 4: 9.15 – 11.15 AM

Colonizing Strategies – Knox 207

Abhijit Sarkar
The State in the Kitchen: State-Intervention in Food and Popular Responses in Wartime India (1939-45)

Oscar Jarzmik
“Adjusting to Powerlessness” in Occupied Jerusalem: Ethnopsychiatry and the Organizing Principles of Municipal Policy after the June 1967 War

Hashim Bin Rashid
Enclosing the River Indus

Noa Shaindlinger
Point of No Return

Discussant: Michael Griffiths
Moderator: Matan Cohen

Classical Islam: Ethics, Language and Epistemology – Knox 403

A Dating of al-Suyûtî’s Grammatical Khilâf Book

Antonia Sigrid Bosanquet
The Polemics of Here and There: Place, Space and Telling in Aḥkām Ahl al-Dhimma

Giovanni Carrera
The Epistemological Role of Language in al-Rāzī’s hermeneutics

Discussant: Katharina Ivanyi
Moderator: Sohaib Khan

SESSION 5: 11.30 AM – 1.30 PM

Regimes of Labor – Knox 403

Claudie Fioroni
From “Politics of Work” to “Politics at Work”: An Analysis of Subjection Processes at the Jordan Phosphate Mine Company

Cihan Tekay
The State, Global Capital and Women Workers in Turkey: A Case Study of the 2006-2007 Novamed Strike

Matan Kaminer
The Wages of Agricultural Work in Israel

Li Xiaoyue
Illness as Discourse-Medical Representations of Worker’s Diseases

Discussant: Timothy Mitchell
Moderator: Matthew Ghazarian

Visual Politics – Knox 207

Hira Nabi
Between Islam and Cinema in Pakistan: Spectacle and Jaloos

Taylor Zajicek
Capturing Turkish-Soviet Convergence on Film

Nour K Sacranie
Alternative Remembrances: Memory, History and the Civil War in Contemporary Lebanese Art

Anna Dowell
Of Bodies and Buildings: Reading Claims to Citizenship and Grievability in Images of Violence

Discussant: TBA
Moderator: Farbod Honarpisheh

Rethinking the Political – Knox 208

Ahmed Dardir
Martyr Genealogies: The Practice of al Khawarij and Umm al Mu’minin as Subjugated Knowledge

Matan Cohen
Disengaged Lives: Palestine and the Question of Vulnerability

Anna-Esther Younes
The New Europe and the Figure of the Jew

Marianna Reis
Strategies of Legitimization: Deploying Palestinians as Israeli Arab Agents of the Zionist State

Discussant: Judith Butler
Moderator: Nasser Abourahme

1.30 – 3.30 pm: Lunch – Knox 207 & 208

SESSION 6: 3.30 – 5.30 PM

Islamic Law and Jurisprudence – Knox 207

Rahile Yilmaz
Criticizing Muslim Traditions: A Critical Analysis of Muslim and Western Academic Approaches to the Study of Ḥadīth

Mohammad Syifa Amin Widigdo
Imām al-Ḥaramayn al-Juwaynī on Jadal: Theological-Juridical Dialectic in the Eleventh Century Nishapur

Omar Farahat
Divine Command Ethics in the Jurisprudence of Abū Bakr b. al-Bāqillānī

Sohaib Khan
Efficiency Matters: Virtues of Maximization and the Moral Failings of Islamic Banking and Finance

Discussant: TBA
Moderator: Omar Farahat

Modern Ottoman History: Urban Politics and Regional Growth – Knox 208

Koca Mehmet Kentel
Cosmopolitanism over Dead Bodies: Subway, Cemetery, Garden and Urban Dualities in the Late 19th Century Istanbul

Jeffery Dyer
The Growth of an Ottoman Consular Network in the Indian Ocean, 1849-1914

Baris Tasyakan
The Politics of Fire: Ottoman Istanbul in the Late Eighteenth Century

Nora Cherishian Lessersohn
‘Provincial Cosmopolitanism’ in Late Ottoman Anatolia: Recovering Armenian Complexity through Hovhannes Cherishian’s (1886-1967) Memoir

Discussant: Christine Philiou
Moderator: Kenan Tekin

Medieval Arts and Sciences – Knox 403

Owen Cornwall
Alexander and the Astrolabe in India

Naveen Kanalu
Mārga/ Desi or the ‘Path’ and the ‘Country’ in Vernacularization: The Shaping of Pre-modern Kannada Literary Culture

Marcela Schlueter
To the Letter: Examining Paratextuality and Pedagogy in the Letters of Abū’l Qāsim al-Junayd, Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, and Niẓāmuddīn Auliyā

Discussant: Mana Kia
Moderator: Kyle Schirmann

6 – 7 pm: Keynote Session – 501 Schermerhorn

Introduction: Wendell Marsh.

Keynote Address: Ruth Marshall, “Global” Christianity in the Postcolony: Reflections on the Politics of Knowledge

7.30 pm: Dinner
Location TBA