Reuters has an interesting photo essay of recent bullfighting in the UAE.

Two bulls lock their horns during a bullfight in the eastern emirate of Fujairah October 17, 2014. There are no matadors or picadors, but bulls locking horns with each other draw big crowds to bullfights in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). An hour’s drive from the dancing water fountains of Dubai’s glitzy downtown, hundreds of fans gather in Fujairah to watch bulls fighting, or perhaps more accurately head butting, with honour rather than money at stake. The UAE sport involves two bulls locking horns in a three-to-four minute Sumo-wrestling-like fight that usually ends with no bloodshed. Picture taken October 17, 2014. REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

[For Jonathan Swift, whose wit is sorely needed today.]

Imagine the camel deceased
its rotting carcass dry boned
the trek of this ship of the desert now ceased
just a sad-sanded dromedary in the dust.

And Antar’s steed now solid steel
broken down stirrup and token spirit
surrendered to the surreal
covered with dust.

The Bani Toyota now raid us
driven by backward asses
not trying to evade us
but going for bust.

That Dodge Ram runs over the ewe
that Lamborghini in Abraham’s shaking hand
has no clue
but his son must
die too.

Can you cry
for all those driven to despair.

Do you care
for all those who cry.

The last sacrifice is nothing
but roadkill
for the thrill
and that is no accident.

There are many postcards on the Internet from old Aden under British control. Photographers in Aden were not immune to the Orientalist gaze on the curious and the bizarre.

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There is an extraordinary collection of 47 Magic Lantern slides from the 1930 Beloit College Logan Museum Expedition to Algeria by George L. Waite, the photographer and cinematographer. This is available in an online collection at the website of the Smithsonian Institution. Click here to access the collection.


Russell Khan, Sulman Afridi, and Khalid Latif (left to right) at New York City’s Honest Chops, the country’s first halal whole animal butchery.

by NEW YORK (CNNMoney), May 30

Thick T-bone steaks and richly marbled oxtails decorate the display case at Honest Chops, a new whole animal halal butchery in downtown Manhattan.

Not only is the shop committed to selling humanely raised meat, it’s all slaughtered in the Islamic tradition, which involves a prayer and quick death using a sharp knife.

Khalid Latif, who founded the butchery in March, spoke to Muslim students and working professionals in his community who wanted a higher quality of meat than their neighborhood markets offered.

Initially, he and his partners Anas Hassan and Bassam Tariq were just interested in opening a halal butchery. But after learning about the unnatural feed that commercial cattle and chickens are raised on, they opted to source their meat from small producers in upstate New York, Maryland and Massachusetts.

“When there’s not a certain kind of purity to the food that we’re consuming, that becomes problematic from the spiritual standpoint,” said Latif, who has rigorous standards for the meat he sources. (more…)

There are many postcards on the Internet from old Aden under British control. This continues the series with more views of camels and a bullock in Aden.

to be continued… for #11, click here.

There are many postcards on the Internet from old Aden under British control. This continues the series with views of the camel caravans that came to Aden.

to be continued… for #10, click here.

من غرائب الطبيعة .. قرد يقع في حب دجاج
الإثنين, 27-يناير-2014
حضرموت نيوز – اليمن متابعات

وقع قرد في غرام دجاجة من النظرة الأولى، حين شاهدها في سوق محلية بجزيرة جاوا الإندونسية، بينما كان برفقة مالكه.

وقالت صحيفة «ديلي ميرور»، إن مشهد القرد والدجاجة معا صار مألوفا في سوق منطقة بانيوانغي، الواقعة في الطرف الشرقي من جزيرة جاوا.

وأضافت الصحيفة التي نشرت صورا للثنائي السعيد، أن القرد يملكه رجل يدعى، حكيم، ويقيده بالسلاسل حتى لا يتمكن من التحرك لمسافة بعيدة، ما حرمه من الاستمتاع بقضاء أوقات طويلة مع حبيبته الدجاجة.

ويأتي خبر العلاقة الغرامية بين القرد والدجاجة، بعد أن ذكرت تقارير صحافية أواخر العام الماضي، أن كلبا من فصيلة الراعي الألماني، وقع في غرام وزة تمكنت من ترويضه بسبب طبعه الشرس، والذي كان يتطلب قيام شخصين بإطعامه، واحد لإلهائه والآخر لرمي وعاء الطعام في حظيرته.

وكان الكلب (ريكس)، البالغ من العمر 11 عاما، يعيش في دار لرعاية الحيوانات الشاردة، وينبح ويتذمر من كل شيء يمر من أمامه، ويطارد الأرانب البرية لأكلها، لكنه سرعان ما هدأ حين شاهد وزة تدعى «جيرالدين» ووقع في غرامها من النظرة الأولى، وصارا يتنزهان معا وينامان في سرير واحد كل ليلة.<

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