Arabic Cartoons

With all the violence and sad news coming from the Middle East these days, there is a need for a little levity just to retain some sanity. The cartoon above is a poignant example.

The Yemeni cartoon above says it all: “I read in a book about the harmful health effects from qat and cigarettes, so I decided, God willing, to cease reading.”

Yemen Press is reporting that they have uncovered documentation that the head of military finances in Yemen from 1998-2009, ‘Abd al-Mun‘im al-Adīmī, appropriated about 281 million riyals for his own use during the Salih regime. As his name suggests, he was indeed a slave to the role of benefactor, but not in the hallowed religious sense. Such corruption is not unique to Yemen, as dictators and monarchs do the same all the time. Power corrupts, as it has since records have been kept. The political cartoon accompanying the article speaks for itself…

The continuing turmoil in Syria and impending election in Egypt have knocked Bahrain off the news cycle. Things there are not so funny, but it is still worthwhile to take a comic look. You can do that here.

sample illustration from Josh Neufeld’s “Lines in Ink, Lines in the Sand”

Cartoon by Khalil Bendib on Jadaliyya

The recent breakdown in Yemen of basic services, including electricity and buta-gas, has not stopped the cartoonists…


If you type “burqa cartoon” into Google, you will find a wide variety of cartoons making fun of the burqa and the controversy over it. Here are just a few samples…


So who is the best Muslim? Here is a debate between a Salafi and a Wahhabi. Guess who wins and guess who loses. (In a way we all lose in this kind of debate.)

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