Is it hard to image what President Obama has not been called. The tea party partisans say he is not an American; many Republicans think he is a Muslim (or Arab as though there is any difference). And he has let Muslim Brothers take over the government. He is obviously a socialist, if not a communist. And then there is what the Bible has to say about this American president (not to mention several others before him and quite a few defunct world leaders). So some prophecy sites on Youtube say he is the Beast of Revelation. After all, the secret service calls his presidential limousine “the beast.” Or the Antichrist. If he had a sex change operation, he would no doubt be a candidate for the “Whore of Babylon.” But then where would that leave Hilary Clinton? And now that we know that Michelle Obama is a man, it is really hard to find a revelation role for her or him.

He could also be the Mahdi promised in Islam; after all that is what the Book of Daniel says. And if Obama is the Mahdi,then Pope Francis must be the False Prophet. Or he could be like Jesus, die and rise again as the Islamic Mahdi; at least that is what Brother Daryl has figured out. There will be a fake assassination that makes it looks like Obama was killed. All from Brother Daryl again, who records his broadcasts in what appears to be a truck.

The Armageddon Watch never stops. Imagine if Romney wins the next election. A Mormon and everyone knows that Mormonism is just like Islam. Stay tuned.