Apocalypse has gone digital in a big way. A Google search will open up more prophetic doomsayers than you can shake a Schofield Bible at. One of my favorites (perhaps not the right term for what I actually think about such sites) is the slick Youtube “Armageddon News.” The voice is that of the standard digital female used in a host of amateur cartoon videos. There is no obvious reference to who puts the site out, so my first reaction was that it could be satire. But in this case the real thing is probably more satirical than any satire could be. The Youtube channel presents 23 videos. One of the more bizarre videos links the “mark of the Beast” and the number 666 in the biblical book of Revelation to Islam in a rather ingenious way. Of all the conspiracy theories out there about Bible prophecy and Islam, this one takes the proverbial cake. Do check it out on Youtube.

So here is the gematric plot, as devised by Satan, of course. In the Greek of the book of Revelation the number 666 is spelled out in Greek letters. Guess what? If you do a little angle (not angel) shifting you will have the bismillah alongside the cross swords. John left a clue some two millennia ago for anyone with a vivid imagination. But there is more. If you look at the ornamental marks on Allahu Akbar, they are all 6s. How more specific can you get?

Then there is the Hebrew meaning of Allah (well not quite the same word, since there is a real Hebrew cognate usually rendered as Elohim) which is said to mean a “curse.” There’s more, lots more to drive home the point that Bible prophecy has found its ultimate Armageddon matches.

So who puts this wild stuff out. In this case it seems to be a certain “John Preacher”, not John the Preacher or John the Apostle or John Doe or John Wayne. He has asked for contributions to spread the Gospel (I am not sure where it has not been spread too yet) and raise awareness about the ongoing persecution of the church (even without lions and gladiators). Thus far John Preacher has raised $25 of an anticipated goal of $1,500, but there were 359 days left when I checked it. The money sought is for a new Graphics card.

By the way it you want to know where the Dragon of Revelation lives, it is in Turkey, which makes Erdogan (sure sounds like “dragon, doesn’t it) part of the scenario. Stay tuned…