Area: 219,000 sq. mi
Population: 2,750,000
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Scenes: Morocco Leather; City of Morocco; Street Scene in Morocc

previous post I began a series on coffee advertising cards with Middle Eastern themes. One of the most colorful collections is that provided by the Arbuckle Coffee Company. In my great, great aunt’s album there were several Middle Eastern and North African nations represented, but she did not have all the cards. Here is a final potpourri from Arbuckle’s 1889 series, starting with Morocco above.

Area: 278,000 sq. mi
Population: 4,000,000
Government: Various Independent Khanates
Scenes: Inlaid Metal Work; The Khyber Pass

Area: 1,425,700 sq. mi
Population: 255,000,000
Government: British Vice Royalty
Scenes: Opium Plant

[Tabsir Redux is a reposting of earlier posts on the blog, since memories are fickle and some things deserve a second viewing.this post was originally made on March 29, 2010]