by Anouar Majid, Tingitana

The late Abdessadeq Chekara, the Andalusian singer and violin virtuoso from Tetouan, close to my native city of Tangier, almost singlehandedly embodied the rich Moorish musical heritage that united Spain and parts of Morocco over the centuries. His son, Jalal, is working hard and creatively to keep his legacy alive, but I have never seen anything approaching the power of this performance, including Tom Cohen and Rabbi Haim Louk, with the participation of Alfonso Cid, which took place in November 2011 in Montreal. Tom Cohen and Rabbi Louk are doing a heroic job introducing the world to Moroccan culture and its musical traditions. In all the shows I have watched on YouTube, Mr. Cohen is always light on his feet and playful with his orchestra and audiences, while Rabbi Louk is invariably joyful and utterly moving with his heavenly voice—the perfect image of a religious man who celebrates the beauty of life. The rabbi’s patriotism and loyalty for Morocco are unmatched. Just listen to this performance of another Chekara song, warning his fellow Moroccans to watch out for ill wishers and preserve their precious legacy—a legacy that has been enriched by the country’s small but vibrant and enormously creative Jewish community.