The scene is of a couple score of Muslim men marching through the street carrying automatic rifles and shouting “Allahu Akbar.” And when my students watched this scene they viewed it with complete sympathy. “What!,” you might exclaim, were you in a Muslim country?” No, in Jacksonville, which is sufficiently far north to be firmly in the Bible Belt; enough so that it is often called “The Capital of South Georgia.” “Were the students stoned?” someone might ask. Again, a reasonable question, I suppose, but the answer is still no. Believe it or not, this scene was found in a cinematic film.

In Children of Men, Alfonso Cuar√≥n¬†depicts a dysutopian society the origins of which are never clearly defined. However, the film hints that England of this dark future in which all of humanity is infertile, came to its current ills and pograms against all “fugees” (from refugees, but means all immigrants), out of our current morass in the Middle East.

So back to the angry, armed crowd. They are living as sub-humans in a ghetto, the likes of which most viewers cannot even imagine. And so when they take up arms and chant that “God is Great,” it makes sense. More interesting to me was the observation that because the scene was not unlike those that occasionally show up on Fox News and other journalistic venues, my students questioned whether when such scenes are not science fiction, they might also make sense, if you understood the issues from the participants’ point of view.