One of my prize collections, inherited in part from my grandparents, is an almost complete run of National Geographic Magazine from 1907 to the present. Periodically I pull an issue off the shelf at random and browse. I recently opened up the February, 1917 issue and noticed that near the end advertising (as interesting as the articles in many cases) there were several pictures of the Middle East, but not tied to a specific article in the issue. It may be that the publisher needed to add a few pages or else these were pictures that somehow did not make it into an earlier issue. The one that struck me the most is the above portrait on p. 199. It is simply entitled “A Citizen of Baghdad” and no photographer is indicated. It looks to me like there is a scabbard in view, but the man is also holding on to something I cannot make out. I wonder if anyone has any ideas on what the man is wearing and if that is a clue as to his background.