The 2010 IUAES Inter-Congress Antalya, Turkey

The Ahi Evran University Department of Anthropology is proud to announce to you the 2010 IUAES (International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences) Inter-Congress to be held October 3-6 2010 in Antalya, Turkey.

Since our approval to host the congress, preparations and arrangements have been conducted in collaboration with various anthropology departments, professors, and graduate students across Turkey. Our collaborative efforts promise to bring a diverse, exciting, and informative Inter-Congress.

Turkey’s location at a point where three continents of the old world are closest to each other and where Asia and Europe meet has served as a crossroads that is one of the few areas that has been continuously inhabited since the dawn of mankind. The archeological richness is a telling measure of the human history of cultural interaction, conflict, and integration that shape the region. Since the founding of the Turkish Republic in 1925 anthropology as a discipline has assumed an important role in understanding and theorizing cultural exchanges between ethnically, linguistically, and religiously diverse Anatolian peoples and their neighbors; we are honored to strengthen this legacy with IUAES.

We believe that the physical and metaphorical bridge that Turkey embodies creates an optimum perspective from which to approach, investigate, and share with one another methods for exploring key anthropological subjects: cultural diversity, multiculturalism, migration, transnationalism, the other, belonging, and religion, politics, ethnicity, culture, and gender. With this in mind, the general theme for the Inter-Congress has been chosen as follows: “From the Crossroads of Civilizations: Understanding Cultural Diversity to Connect Societies”. We plan to touch on some of the biggest challenges to understand the individual and human societies in the age of global capitalism: the rapid movement from rural to urban, emigration, and transnational networks. We anticipate a diversity of papers and poster presentations from all the regions of the world on anthropological and ethnological subjects. Abstract submissions will be accepted April 15 – July 1, 2010 and notifaciton of acceptance will be given August 1, 2010. All abstracts can be e-mailed to the organization commitee listed below.

Ancient Antalya (Attaleia) was regarded as “the most beautiful place in the world.” Today’s Antalya, just as beautiful, is a sprawling modern city with a small, charming historic core, a good archeology museum, many ancient Lycian, Pisidian, and Pamphylian sites, a long sunny beach, the Turquoise coast’s best hotels, and many dramatic sea and mountain views. The conference will be held at the Atlantis Hotel, 40 km from downtown and 35 km from Antalya International Airport ( Your best option for travel may be Turkish Airlines ( Preparations for the organization of events and travel are being made through ASTERYA travel company ( The early registration deadline is August 20, 2010. Online registration through ASTERYA will be available then. Three days preceeding and following the conferance excursions will be arranged to various sites in Antalya, Istanbul, Cappadocia and Ephesus. According to our budget we will aim to support some scholars with financial constraints.

We anticipate the 2010 IUAES Inter-congress will be an actualization of our commitment to the generation and dissemination of scientific knowledge that we share with the IUAES and European College of Anthropological Sciences.

Abstract Submission Deadline: 30 April 2010

The main topics for the symposia are:


Knowledge, Imagination, and Strategies for Well-being and Empowerment: Gendered Obstacles and Opportunities
Anthropology of Globalization
Local Identity and Transnational Social Space: The Decolonization of the (Indigenous) Mind
Food and Identity Politics and Modernization
Contemporary Middle Eastern Culture
On Religious Movement: Space-Time Dynamics of Religious Practice
Religious Collective Action
Transnational German-Turkish Networks
Integrating Islam and Modernity
Ethnography of Turkey and the Balkans
Anthropology and Islam
Globalization and Religious Cultures
Ethnic and Religious Minorities in the EU
Myth Creation and Identity
Monotheism and Indigenous Religion
Transnationalism: EU and the Middle East
Secularism and Multiculturalism


Evolution and Creationism and Evolution Education
Miocene Hominoids Dispersal and Early Hominid Evolution
Visualization of Homo erectus in Eurasia
Molecular Anthropology
Ancient DNA Studies
The Genetic Basis of Brain Development and Evolution
Multiethnic Origins of Ancient Civilization in Anatolia
Genealogy, Evolution, and Influence
Causes of Chronological Changes in Craniofacial Morphology
Origin and Dispersal of Modern Humans
Co-evolution of Genes and Culture
Human Ecology and Anthropometrics
Sexuality and Reproduction in the Middle East
Recent Findings in the Prehistory and Cultures of Middle East and Asia
Paleopathological Evidence and Paleodemographical Research in Osteoarcheological Research
Modernization and Bio-Cultural Adaptation
Medical Anthropology and Epidemiology- Biomedical and Socio-Cultural Dimensions


Evolution of Turkic Languages
Debates over Language Endangerment
Globalization and Linguistic Hybridization
Language Assimilation and Self-Preservation

For further information, contact:
Prof. Dr. Erksin Güleç
Ahi Evran Üniversitesi
Faculty Sicence and Letters
Department of Anthropology
Kırşehir Turkey

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Organization Committee:
Anna Heumann
Ferhat Kaya
Ahmet Cem Erkman